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SnackWebsites pricing plan

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What is a free premium domain?

A free premium domain is a domain that you will receive for free from us when you buy a premium subscription.

When will my premium domain expire?

If you keep the subscription active, the domain will remain active as well. If you cancel the subscription, the domain will be canceled as well, once the current cycle ends.

Who owns the premium domain?

SnackTools is the official owner of the domain, but we are giving it to you so that you can use it on one of your websites.

Can I transfer my domain?

The domain you received is registered on SnackTools, so normally you can't do that. However, if you contact us we might work something out.

What happens with the premium domain once my subscription is canceled?

If by any reason a subscription is canceled, the domain will be canceled as well and removed from your account.

What happens with my domain if I delete the website on which I set it?

The premium domain will remain available for your other websites.

Can I move my premium domain to a different website?

Of course, you can move the domain to a different website from the domain area.

Can I change my premium domain?

Unfortunately no, once you've chosen your unique premium domain, you cannot change it.

How many premium domains can I have?

You will receive one premium domain for free from us. However you can also buy and use other domains for your snack websites.