How many websites can I have?

You can have as many as you like! We don’t have any limit. Use the “New website” button to create another. Go to “My websites” to see them all and edit whichever you want. You can add new websites to your collection at any time.

Can I edit my site after I publish it?

Yes, you can edit your site as much and as many times as you want. Just open the site for editing and add or edit pages as you like.

Can I duplicate a site?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that yet with the tools we offer; if you wish to clone a website, you’ll have to edit the new site page by page.

What exactly can I customize in a website?

You will be able to customize style elements such as fonts, colors and backgrounds. Everything else is either main navigation, intrinsic architecture or actual content (that you need to enter yourself). In the future, we may enable more advanced customization options, but for the moment, we tend to keep a few restrictions in place.

What types of pages can I add to my website?

First, you have an ”about” type of page that is currently set as “Home“, a contact page where you can also enter all your contact details, so we can use the information to connect you and your visitors. Second, there is a standard article page, suitable for any kind of posts.
You can use the standard page as “Full width” to enter whatever html content you may have, to completely customize a specific page, but with drawbacks. Finally, there is the photo album page that may be displayed in extended view (article like) or purely as a slideshow. All pages are absolutely compatible with mobile devices (except for the “Full width” standard page).

Can I add widgets like those created with BannerSnack or other SnackTools apps?

You can add any type of HTML content (including iFrames, but not JavaScript that is not in an iFrame) inside any text page or rich text format fields (such as the bio field in Home page), including an iFrame embed code provided by each one of the SnackTools apps. You can add embed codes from YouTube, Vimeo, Grooveshark or other widget service provider in the same way.

Can I use Google Analytics to view stats on visitors?

Yes, you can add your Google Analytics tracking code right in the General settings page. Other than that, we offer our own basic stats for visitors and page views across your websites.

How long will my site be free? What limitations are there?

If you created a free website, it will stay free forever. However, if you don’t want the copyright note in the footer (the SnackWebsites logo), if you want to use very high quality pictures, and prefer a completely personalized domain, you should get a premium subscription.

What’s the difference between Free and Premium?

You can create a website without paying one cent, but if you don’t like the SnackWebsites logo, or if you just want your own domain name (myname.com instead of myname.ourdomain.com), you can upgrade to a Premium solution at any time.

I already own a domain name that I want to use.
How can I use it?

In your website administration area, you have a “Domain name” section. Follow the steps and you’ll get there easy.

I already have a Wordpress blog.
How can I move over with all my content?

We’re working on a solution for the import of data (content and architecture) from Wordpress blogs into SnackWebsites. You’ll soon be able to move your entire blog to SnackWebsites, with all of its content, and you’ll even be able to get your own personalized domain name.

I’d like to add a shopping cart to my site. Can I do that?

We are working on a solution that will enable you to sell products but also manage entire stocks and visualize sales. For the moment, we recommend adding PayPal buttons directly into the website pages.

Can I add offensive, adult or illegal material on a SnackWebsites page?

No, you can’t, and you shouldn’t even try at all. In case of complaints regarding any type of abuse, including use of pornographic, adult, offensive and illegal material on your website, we will immediately take down the website and terminate your account.

How do I cancel or delete my website?

Once you have a website you can edit everything about it; you can even delete it. To do so, check the General settings page. However, we really hope that you’re not going to do that.